Saturday, April 7, 2012


The other day we heard that Hotwives usually wear a anklet on her right ankle to show single guys that yes she is married but she is a Hotwife and it's free to pursue her fantasies and have sex with whoever she feels like. Personally it's the first time we heard about it, after researching the internet yes we found out that it is true that Hotwives everywhere do wear this anklet to show that she is happily married and free. We found many websites that actually sell anklets and pendants just for the Hotwives.
That's is funny because my husband gave me one anklet with a heart pendant a long time ago, right in the beginning of our marriage and he always asked me to wear the anklet whenever possible. He always thought was super sexy, and I loved seeing me wearing it or any other hot woman for that matter. Back then when he gave me that anklet he had no idea what that anklet really meant.. lol.. Little he knew he was actually turning me into a Hotwife. lol..
Now that I know that anklet became even more sexier and fun, he said he will take the pendant with the shape of a heart to a place and engrave the word HOTWIFE and will give it back to me. Now every time I go out with a sexy outfit on the look out for hot guys I will wear it.. I hope that anklet will help me attract some very hot guys so I can have fun with them and and give Hubby the joy of sharing me one more time with another hot guy... it's a way of thanking him for the anklet... Thank's honey...
My question here is, any other Hotwife out there wear this anklet ?? and how successful it was ?  I would love to hear from another hotwife out there..


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