Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hotwifing is NOT cuckolding

“Some of the stuff I read here regarding to the Hotwife fun it’s pathetic to say the least !!!!
 I follow some of the “cuckold” blogs here just bc sometimes those blogs do have hot pics, hot pics with captions, some hot pictures of Hotwives and some times they do highlight some really hot characteristics of the Hotwife lifestyle, but the stuff that most of the time ppl write and post there it is just beyond belief… Really Pathetic ! I lOVE the thrill of sharing my wife with some hot guys of HER choice, I totally love and cherish our open marriage, the freedom to be “open” to the possibilities that life may bring our way. I not only LOVE swinging with her,  not only love being able to fuck someone's wife while at the same time I get to watch my own wife being fucked but also  I DO LOVE the thrill of being in a spontaneous and/or planned MFM, I deeply enjoy taking pics and filming our 3some. 
I also LOVE when she gets to go out alone, go to clubs with her girlfriends, hook up with other guys, it’s fun to watch her chatting with guys on the internet, it’s fun to help her go through the hundreds of msgs on her Ashley Madison, Cougar Life or our SLS, AFF and Kassidie swinger accounts, it’s extremely hot to watch her finally going on a date with another men alone, see the nervousness and the same time excitement in her eyes, every aspect of having a Hotwife is very exciting and fun, but I can NOT understand the need some husbands have to be humiliated…Although I think it’s really hot to have ur wife kiss you when she just sucked somebody else’s cock, even though I really enjoy a creampie i would never go gay and try to drink it from the source.. I think it’s hot just bc it is inside MY wife’s pussy… Any way… You don’t need to be gay, you don’t need to be bisexual or have bisexual tendencies, you don’t need to be a sissy, you don’t need to be a faggot, you don’t need to be deprived of the very reason you both do this, that is sexual gratification, you don’t need to be caged, locked up, spanked and be called names…. You don’t need to dress as a bitch, wear panties… You do NOT need to stop being a man !!!!! You don’t need none of this non sense to enjoy to the fullest all the thrills that having a hotwife that loves to fuck other guys for fun brings to the marriage !!! My wife would never do anything to humiliate me, would never hurt me in any way, shape or form, I would never allow her to go on a date with another men without me knowing for sure who that man is, without letting him know that she is my princess and she must be treated the same way I treat her ! That NO is no and if she is not comfortable with something that is the end of it… I always make sure she is SAFE first and foremost and I let the other guys know that although they are fucking my wife I AM the one in control, I’M the one allowing you to fuck her.. U r just a human dildo for us… Nothing more… Although I TRUST her good judgment, she would never go out with any other men without my approval first. I’m an open minded guy, I’m not judgmental of ppl sexuality at all, but there are some stuff in this Hotwife world that is just ridiculous !!! We both enjoy the hotwife marriage but without all the craziness… Guys in shackles, penises locked, deprived of what they call : “release”, having a hotwife to have other fuck while u r just being humiliated… I’m sorry I can NOT understand that !!! I love the orgasms I have when I lick her fresh fucked pussy, I enjoy when we go out and she flirts and hook up with other guys in front of me, I love that crazy feeling to see her leaving for a date and to welcome her home after the date.. the sharing of details later, the animal sex we have afterwards it’s unspeakable !!! we fuck like teenagers every time we live a “hotwife” experience… EVERY time she fucks somebody else guess what ??? I’m fucking her too.. EVERY TIME !! And every time the fucking is amazing, and that is why we always want more… what is the point of having a hotwife if only others can fuck ?? are u that stupid ??? Come on idiot ! go enjoy ur hotwife ! go fuck her too !!! But again…. To each his own…”

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Motorcycle accident

We had a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago, hubby here did NOT get hurt, but the hotwife got hurt really bad.
She broke her knee and legs and many places and we will be out of fun for a while. Please keep this hotwife in your prayers. We are believing for a quick and total recovery !!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot shit

I was talking to the wife this afternoon, she was telling me about this really hot 22 yrs old guy from NYC she was chatting with. Yes, another 20 something years old hot guy who also happens to be another football player. Isn't my wife really lucky ?? lol.. But, yes, she deserves ONLY the best, and she definitely has no reason to settle for less
We haven/t played at all lately, we have been really busy this summer with work, family, stuff.  I have not  been with any girl, we haven't been with any couple and she has not been with any guy in a while, even the times that she went out with her friends on girls night out she has NOT hooked up with any other guy for months.
 As I said before, we don/t really worry about that, we do not worry on if and when it's gonna happen, all we know is that when it does happens we will flip the switch to on and GAME ON !! .. lol ... we are not really into quantity over quality, and we definitely do NOT do very often, but when we do find the right guy and we both feel comfortable with the guy and we see there is a real, hot possibility of she playing with a hot guy we enjoy it to the most. So yes, we have both been craving a real HOTWIFE experience, I know she has been craving another man for quite some time and I have been really craving all the excitement that comes with the experience.
We have been talking about the possibility of us going to Fantasy Fest in Key West this year and have all kinds of fun there this year, girls, couples and we talked about taking the Hotwife thing to another level, so we are both really excited with the idea of letting loose and have a lot of fun at the Fantasy Fest 2012.
So, because of this guy she is chatting with, we were talking about the possibility of her going out with him soon, and I told her that I want her to tease the crap out of me this time.. lol.. We all know that for us HUSBANDS of a hotwife, the fun that we have is all the teasing that goes on during the screening process, the hot sex chatting, the pictures exchanges, the teasing that goes on before the date, the day of the date, during the date and on the way back to you from the date..
We all know that this is all a mind game, the more teased you get, the more mentally horny you get, the more fun will be and the stronger your orgasm will be when you finally have her back in your arms after her date or if  it was a MFM or you participated, the moment the guy leaves the room.
So I told her that I wanted to be mentally raped by her this time.. lol.. tease me, let me how much he wants to fuck my wife, tells me how much you desire to be fucked by him, tease me, tease me early in the morning of your date, tells me to pick up the outfit you gonna wear on your date, what lingerie you gonna wear, let me know if you want me to buy you new lingerie or new panties for your date, or if  you should wear just nothing at all..
Ask me to help you shave your pussy for you, your ass, ask me to make sure you looks hot, sexy, stunning for your date.
While getting dressed, tells me how horny and wet you are just by the thought of fucking another stud. Reminds me that  in just a few minutes another man will be fucking your pretty wife, that in just a few minutes you will be with your legs wide open with another guy on top, the position I love to watch you with another men the most, tells me you will be screaming and moaning on top of another hot guy's cock and will be thinking of me while you are doing it.
Reminds me that in a few minutes the mouth that just kissed me good bye will be sucking this delicious cock and that when she gets home if I'm lucky enough I will still be able to taste his cock in your mouth.
Asked me to check your pussy one last time just to make sure it smells good and reminds me that soon that pussy will be coming home all fucked, cummed and all sore by the fucking she just got by this hot stud and will be needy of assistance, will need to be licked, fucked and taken care of...
Tells me you want me very horny all night, that you know that I will be going crazy inside the house jerking off with this excitement of being going trough this again.
Reminds your self how lucky you are to have a husband like me that allows your inner slut to come out and allows you to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest.
Reminds me that you know that I like that, reminds me that you know I want you to do that, reminds me that you know that I can't wait to have you fucked by another guy.. reminds me that this drive you insanely hot too.
Let me know how slutty you are feeling tonite, and that you will be in touch trough out the night to let me know how are tings are going. Don;t forget to reassure me that you love me before you leave the house.
Text me from the bar, let me know how if he is really hot like he said he is, let me know what you guys are talking about, if he kissed you when he saw you, if you heart beat faster, if you got nervous like the time you fucked your first guy. Let me know if you guys are making out, let me know if things are going well and exciting for you, because I will be home masturbating, edging, going crazy in excitement.
Text me every single dirty things you guys are doing or what he is doing to my hotwife.
The moment you guys leave the club, the bar, or the place you guys met, text me to let me know all went well and text me saying : Hey honey, we are going to the motel, and you will be "um corninho" (as we say in Portuguese), that you will make me a corno again tonite.. Being a corno could be a bad thing, but done the way we do and when it's said in a situation like this one, being called a corno, or meu corninho by your wife that is about to fuck another guy for you is really,  really hot and will probably turn me on a lot..
When you get to the Motel room and you guys are fucking, give him your phone, let him take pics of him fucking you, let him make videos of him fucking you and send me just to drive me to the edge at home.. lol
That moment that you are horniest, that moment that he is fucking you hard, that moment you are moaning and enjoying every single stroke, get the phone and calls me, let me hear him fucking you, let me hear you moaning and yelling at him to fuck you harder.  Let him know you are talking with your "corninho" and that you are really horny to be fucked by him and talk to me at the same time.. lol..
The moment you guys are done, don't wait too long, let me know you are coming home and get your freshly fucked pussy back home as soon as possible because fresh is better.. lol ...then it is our time.. lol.. text me to tell me you are coming home and start telling me how good it was, how many times he fucked you, how many times he made you cum, start teasing me telling me how sore you pussy is with all the fucking and how much you want me to lick you, that you are still wet and horny and that you are coming home and you can't to tell me every detail while I fuck you all over again ..tell me how much you want me in you again..
Get home horny and take charge of the situation, put that pussy on my face and tells me to lick you clean, show me how reddish your pussy got after all the fucking, kiss my mouth and ask me if I can still taste his cock in ur mouth because you couldn't stop sucking Please don't wait for me to ask you to be repeating stuff, to be saying naughty things to me, just get wild too, tell me all the things you know I want to hear. :))))
I guarantee you we gonna have the most amazing sex ever.. We always have the best sex after an experience like that.. and that is the actually the only reason we do all of this, so we both can have amazing, mind blowing sex... damn.. I got really horny just by talking about it.. lol.. I need a cold shower now. lol
Of course all of this is just fum because it is done on purpose  by her just to drive you insanely horny, spice up our sex life and make you desire her back in your arms more than anything else in this earth. She does that on purpose because not only because she know you love every second of it and get off on it, she does because she gets off on doing that to you.. its also fun to watch you go crazy because of her slutty ways.. she enjoys knowing that she is your slut,  that actually the fact of her being so slutty drive you two crazy and prepare the atmosphere for the mind blowing sex you two gonna have later that evening when she is home again.
That is the beauty of having a marriage like we do, the very next day everything is back to normal, we flip the switch back to off or on as we desire, the next day she does NOT need to see him again if she does not want to, we are back to being ourselves again, the very next day she is back to being that wonderful housewife, the mother, the daughter, the member of the church, back to being that responsible, loving wife that I respect, admire and love more than anything else. But it'sreally hot and exciting to know her slutty side is there for when the time comes again.. lol... The next day things are back to normal and we had an experience that will spice our sex sessions for weeks to come... We usually can't get enough from each other after a Hotwife experience like that, we fuck for weeks talking about it over and over.. lol...
When a couple learn how to switch back and forward from sexy, fantasy, naughtiness to real life with no drama between them selves and no friction on their normal life, they have discovered the secret of sexual happiness !!!!
Well... I know because of life it make take a while for us but every now and then this horny mood strike us and when it does we like to get wild and live it up !!!!
Any way, I was checking some hotwife sites this afternoon and I found some really what I call "Hot shit", I sent her a few of this pictures just to give her an idea of what we husbands really want to hear.. lol
Here are some really hot pictures, some funny but really hot shit, stuff that all of us husbands would love to hear from her..